Insurance: Training with Cycling Ireland Members

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Triathlon Ireland understands the nature of our sport and recognises that shared resources between cycling, swimming and running clubs benefits our members.

However, as a National Governing Body, it is important that we ensure our members are safe and free from any risks associated with participation.

Triathlon Ireland has recently been made aware that Cycling Ireland's insurance policy has been modified and does not extend to participant-to-participant incidents.

This means legal liability is not covered by Cycling Ireland's insurance policy if a Cycling Ireland member collides with another person in a group cycle.

With this in mind, Triathlon Ireland is regrettably forced to instruct all its clubs not to participate in any Cycling Ireland group sessions. 

Triathlon Ireland also instructs its clubs to ensure that triathlon group cycling sessions are made up exclusively of Triathlon Ireland licence holders. 

Furthermore, Triathlon Ireland members will not be covered under Triathlon Ireland insurance when training with Cycling Ireland members. 

By limiting group cycling sessions to Triathlon Ireland licence holders only, Triathlon Ireland is ensuring that all participants in group club sessions have the appropriate insurance cover in place.