Event Organisation

The event organisation section of the website looks to provide race organisers with advice and the information they require in order to host a high quality event. Triathlon Ireland is fortunate to work closely with over 200 events which are held nationwide each year and we are seeing the quality and safety standard of these events increase each year.

Sanctioned events enjoy the following benefits:

  • Insurance Cover - €6.5 Million Public Liability Cover. Ensures the event has the appropriate volunteer and participant insurance
  • Demonstrate that the event will be conducted in accordance with the Triathlon Ireland & ITU rules, as outlined in the current rulebook
  • Demonstrate that the event will be conducted in a fair and safe manner
  • Demonstrate that the events planning and preparation meets the standard of quality required by Triathlon Ireland
  • Signifies that the Event Organiser has completed a thorough review of the swim, bike and run courses and has evaluated and considered all medical, safety and emergency requirements for the event.
  • Race Promotion
  • Access to experienced Technical Officials
  • Expert Advice - safety, race organisation, marketing etc
  • Access to Triathlon Irelands Race Entry System
  • Maintain a positive image of the sport of triathlon by setting minimum standards for staging of safe races which are accessible to the public

To ensure our events are safe and fun, event organisers must complete the Triathlon Ireland event sanctioning process. Event organisers submit an event management and safety plan and are subsequently awarded a sanction certificate which can be shown to your local authority that your event has been approved by Triathlon Ireland.


Members of Triathlon Ireland are strongly advised to only compete in events that are sanctioned by Triathlon Ireland or any other governing body should you be overseas and wish to participate in an event. By taking part in a permitted event, you can be sure of a safe, fair and most importantly enjoyable race experience.

The event permitting process is designed to support organisers in the delivery of quality events, but also to act as reassurance to athletes taking part in those events.

By taking part in a sanctioned event, you can be assured that:

  • The event has the appropriate insurances in place
  • The organiser is taking appropriate measures to ensure your safety
  • The event is run in accordance with Triathlon Ireland Competition Rules.
  • The organiser is committed to supporting the wider development of the sport.
  • If you have a problem at a sanctioned event, Triathlon Ireland will endevour to help you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Sanctioning Information

Should you wish to sanction your event with Triathlon Ireland please follow the steps here.

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Sanctioning Fees

Details of the fees to be paid for the sanctioning of an event which includes robust insurance cover.

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Children's Events

Information for race organisers looking at running a children's event.

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