10 Reasons to Tri in 2017

Triathlon is one of Ireland's fastest growing sports and one that's suitable for all ages and abilities. 

There are so many reasons why you should TRI in 2017. Here are our top 10:

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Reasons Campaign 1
There's nothing like the sense of achievement you get from completing a triathlon. There's a lot to be said for stepping outside of your comfort zone, learning new skills and finding out that you're actually quite good at that thing you thought you couldn't go. And the best thing with triathlon is that since every race is different, there's a fresh challenge awaiting every time you head to the start line. 

Reasons Campaign 2
There are more than 200 races on the Triathlon Ireland calendar in 2017. That's 200 opportunities to test yourself in amazing locations from wild and remote beaches in Co. Mayo to lush forests in Ireland's lakelands and even city centre circuits in Belfast, Cork and Dublin. See the full TI Race Calendar to see where your adventure starts.

Reasons Campaign 3
As a member of Triathlon Ireland you will be covered for personal and public liability insurance at every single sanctioned race this year. On top of this, membership insures you for your training sessions. And thanks to our great partners, every Race Licence and U23 Race Licence holder gets a €20 voucher for Cycle Superstore and a 15% off voucher for their next order using the Just Eat App.

Reasons Campaign 4
Nobody comes to triathlon as an expert in all three disciplines, that's what makes our sport so addictive. Conquering a fear of the open water is something a lot of first year triathletes are faced with and achieve every year. We know it's not easy so to help you along, there are early season races which start in indoor swimming pools. Do one and you'll soon find yourself ready to take the plunge in to deeper water.

Reasons Campaign 5
Triathlon racing is all about options with races ranging from the very short Super Sprint (250m swim, 5km bike, 1.5km run) right up to the famous IRONMAN events (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run). Most races in Ireland fall somewhere in the middle with Sprint Distance (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) and Standard/Olympic Distance (1,500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run) making up the majority of races.

Reasons Campaign 6
Triathlon is built from its clubs up. There are more than 90 triathlon clubs around Ireland, most of which hold regular group training sessions and many of which hold New-To-Triathlon programmes. Joining a club is a guaranteed way to have some friendly faces at a race and a great way to find like minded people to train and socialise with. See the full list of Triathlon Ireland affiliated clubs here.

Reasons Campaign 7
One of the unique aspects of triathlon is its International Age Group competitions which allow amateur athletes from Ireland represent their country and race against other international amateur athletes at European and World Championships. What's more, these races are usually held alongside the international elite events so you can get the chance to cheer on Ireland's elite athletes as they take on the world's best.
Read more about how you could become an International Age Group athlete.

Reasons Campaign 8
While the growth in adult participation in triathlon has been rapid, kids and junior athlete numbers have increased even more. Triathlon has one of the highest female participation rates of any sport in Ireland and our safe, supervised kids races (over very short distances) make it the perfect family sport. Lots of clubs now have specific junior sections and throughout 2017, Triathlon Ireland will be bringing the sport in to primary and secondary schools through the Tri Heroes Schools programme

Reasons Campaign 9
There can only ever be one winner in each race but the good thing about triathlon is that we don't just award the person who crosses the line first, but the best athletes in Age Group categories from 4 to 90 years. Every year, Triathlon Ireland's National Series sees thousands of athletes of all ages compete against one another across a whole summer season for dominance in their particular age group. Each male and female winner is a National Series Champ and is recognised as such at our Awards Night at the end of the year.

Reasons Campaign 10
Ireland's olympians Aileen Reid and Bryan Keane are familiar faces at domestic triathlons and the next generation of Olympians regularly be found at our Super Series and National Championship races. Because we don't run heats, you can pit yourself against these athletes in the same race. Any maybe see just how good they are...

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