Club Childrens Officers/Designated Liaison Person

It is compulsory for all clubs with a junior section to have a qualified Childrens Officer and Designated Liaison Person. 

5 Safeguarding Requirements for Club Children's Officers & Designated liaison person 

  1. Attend a 3 hour Safeguard 1 course - Child Protection in Sport Awareness Workshop*.
  2. Attend a 3 hour Safeguard 2 course - Children's Officer. (DLP does not need to attend Safeguard 2 unless they are acting in a duel role as CO & DLP).
  3. Attend a 3 hour Safeguard 3 course - Designated Liaison Person.
  4. Undertake Garda Vetting or Access NI through TI.
  5. Complete the appropriate code of conduct. Form 8 OR Form 10

* Safeguard 1, 2 & 3 are run in the Republic by the LSP's and the North by Sport NI and some will be run by TI.

Role of the Childrens Officer (CO):

  1. The CO should familiarise themselves with the safeguarding requirements for coaches as well as relevant legislation. See updates here. 
  2. The CO should keep a database of which coaches in their clubs are qualified to coach or supervise junior athletes.
  3. The CO should aid in the safe recruitment of volunteers and coaches to work with club juniors.
  4. The CO  is the voice of the juniors in the club so should make themselves known and accessible to the junior athletes.
  5. The CO should store the Form 11's confidentially for reference. 
  6. Once qualified a CO can sign off on the ID proofing for other members of the club.
  7. The CO should be consulted on all safeguarding issues including risk assessments for training sessions and events.
  8. The CO should give a report to the main club committee at committee meetings regarding any junior issues, while maintaining necessary confidentiality.
  9. The CO should report any safeguarding issues to the Designated Liaison Person so that they can be reported to TI and the Statutory authorities. The CO is also free to consult with TI and the statutory authorities. 

ROLE OF THE Designated Liaison Person

Every club should Identify a designated liaison person to act as a liaison with outside agencies and a resource person to any staff member or volunteer who has child protection concerns (The CO may also be the DL, however larger clubs should consider having these as two separate roles.

  • The designated liaison person is responsible for ensuring that the standard reporting procedure is followed, so that suspected cases of child neglect or abuse are referred promptly to the Child and Family Agency Duty Social Worker. In the event of an emergency where you think a child is in immediate danger and you cannot get in contact with the Children and Family Agency Duty Social Worker, you should contact An Garda Síochána.
  • The designated liaison person should ensure that they are knowledgeable about child protection and undertake any training considered necessary to keep themselves updated on new developments.

Download the Safesport App for further information including a tracking device for coaches travelling with junior athletes.

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