Cat 2 : Getting More from Triathlon

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Introducing Cat 2

Triathlon Ireland is delighted to announce Cat 2 - a new category of triathlete eligible to score points in the Triathlon Ireland National Series while competing alongside Cat 1 athletes in the Super Series.


This exciting initiative is the result of extensive consultations with existing Cat 1 athletes, National Series athletes, clubs and race organisers. Cat 2 is part of Triathlon Ireland's commitment to increasing standards and competition in both the National Series and the Super Series. 

How It Works

From this summer, Cat 2 athletes will be eligible to compete and score points in the National Series, just like any regular National Series athlete.

But in addition, they will also be allowed race in the Super Series - alongside Cat 1 athletes. Inside each individual race, their finishing position will not be treated any differently - so for instance an up and coming Cat 2 athlete will be able to win a Super Series race outright (and take the winner's prize money) if they cross the line first.

Cat 2 athletes however will compete for a separate series prize - the Cat 2 Super Series. This Series will only count the results of Cat 2 athletes and will have a separate prize fund set aside by Triathlon Ireland for the top three male and female Cat 2 athletes at the end of the series.

Like Cat 1 athletes, Cat 2 racers will be scored from their best three from the five Super Series races in 2017 - with extra points awarded for Sprint Distance National Championships.

Note: The National Series and Super Series are two different leagues and points earned in one do not carry over to the other. Cat 2 is designed instead to allow National Series athletes race with athletes of a similar standard in the Super Series whilst retaining the ability to score points in National Series races.  


Advantages of Cat 2

The Cat 2 initiative aims to create an additional tier of competition within the Super Series to make racing more fulfilling for all. 

Cat 2 is designed to have a number of benefits

  • Cat 2 will make the 2017 Super Series even more exciting, with larger fields, more competition amongst athletes, and for the first time a guaranteed end of series prize fund for both Cat 1 and Cat 2 athletes.

  • Cat 2 will allow current National Series athletes the chance to try draft legal racing without sacrificing their National Series points.

  • Cat 2 will provide a performance pathway for younger and less experienced athletes to eventually make it to Cat 1 standard.

  • Cat 2 will allow athletes representing Ireland at ITU Age Group races to gain experience of draft legal racing at home. 

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2017 Cat 1 Classification Criteria

1. Any athlete who finished inside the top 20 men or the top 10 women in the 2016 Super Series will be classified as a Cat 1 athlete.

2016 Cat 1 athletes who finished outside the top 20 men or top 10 women who submit applications to retain their classification will be considered on a case by case basis.

2. Any professional licence athlete, Triathlon Ireland development athlete, Triathlon Ireland elite athlete or any athlete who has competed in an ITU Elite event will automatically be classified as Cat 1.

3. Triathlon Ireland will examine all submissions from athletes inside or outside the sport who wish to be classified as Cat 1.

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1. The top 20 male overall finishers and top 10 female overall finishers in the 2016 National Series will automatically be entitled to Cat 2 status.

2. All athletes who finished outside the top 20 men or top 10 women in the 2016 Super Series will classified as a Cat 2 athlete.

3. Any athlete classified as Cat 1 in 2017 but who finished outside 105% of the winner’s time in any Super Series race during 2016 may apply for Cat 2 status.
Such applications will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

5. Triathlon Ireland will examine all submissions from athletes inside or outside the sport who wish to be classified as Cat 2.


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Promotion Relegation Between Cat 1 and Cat 2

At the end of the 2017 season, an automatic relegation/promotion shall take place according to the following formula:

1. The top 15 male and top 10 female Super Series athletes (as per a combined Cat 1 and Cat 2 points table) will become/remain Cat 1 athletes.  

2. All other Super Series athletes will become or remain Cat 2 athletes (ie Cat 1 athletes outside the top 15 men or top 10 women on the combined points table will be relegated).

3. The top 20 male and 10 female National Series athletes will be promoted to Cat 2 status.

4. Initially there will be no relegation from Cat 2 status. However such a system may be implemented in future years.

Super Series Prize Fund 2017

For the first time this year, Triathlon Ireland will be awarding cash prizes to the top men and top women for the overall standings at the conclusion of Super Series.

Male and female athletes will earn equal prize money. The amounts below are for each male and female athlete. 

Super Series Cat 1 €3,700 Prize Fund
1st €800
2nd €600
3rd €450

Super Series Cat 2 €1,300 Prize Fund
1st €300
2nd €200
3rd €150

How to Apply

Applications for Cat 2 will open shortly through the "my account" membership page on

2016 Cat 1 athletes will be notified shortly by email about their 2017 status and whether they are being reclassified as Cat 2 in 2017.

Email us if you have any questions about Cat 2 or the Super Series.