Becoming a Technical Official

TI Race Briefing

Thanks to Jane O'Brien for sharing her journey in Triathlon and how she became a Technical Official. If you are interested in becoming a Technical Official, check the Events Calendar for upcoming Local Technical Official Courses.

How it all started

I became a Technical Official (TO) in 2010. At the time, every club had to provided two TOs every year and I volunteered as part of the Kenmare Tri Club. Up to then, I had taken part in triathlons and was also on the organising committee for the Bo Peep Triathlon. Becoming a TO was another interesting step.

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Being a Technical official

Being a TO can be very challenging at times. It comes with a lot of responsibility but I have found it to be very rewarding. I have travelled to many events and met people who are passionate about their sport both as participants and as course organisers and marshals. I believe sport has to be fair and that rules and regulations are there to help everyone so the job of the TO is a very important one.

Joining the technical committee

In 2016, I joined the Technical Committee of Triathlon Ireland. This involves attending meetings several times a year. Here, we review and implement ITU rules and make derogations as necessary to suit the Irish context. The committee is also responsible for overseeing the technical official programme.

If you are considering becoming a TO, go ahead and just do it. You will find yourself working with a great team of officials, race organisers and athletes. As the number of women in sport rises, we need to make our presence felt and create balance in all aspects of triathlon.