Setting up a Junior section

Safeguarding Steps for Setting up a Junior Section in a club

  1. Complete Children First compliance documentation. This includes a Safeguarding Risk Assessment and Safeguarding Statement. The Safeguarding statement must then be displayed on the Club website on club premises and at junior sessions. See guidance notes here.
  2. Appoint a Childrens' Officer and a Designated Liaison Person. The same person may cover both roles. See requirements for that individual here. 
  3. Every person in the club who will be in continuous or regular contact with the juniors must undergo Garda Vetting or Access NI prior to beginning their role. See information and forms for both here.
  4. Every person in the club who will be in continuous or regular contact with the juniors must sign a TI Code of Conduct. Either a Form 10 or Form 8 depending on how long they have been in the club. These should be posted in with the Vetting application.
  5. Parents of juniors joining the club must complete or update a Form 11 annually. This form should be held by the Childrens officer.
  6. Inform TI you are setting up a junior section so that junior membership can be added to your club membership options. Juniors may train with the club 3 times before they must become TI and club members.
  7. Although it is not compulsory, larger clubs may wish to set up a Junior committee. Junior committee functions would include
  • Organising Junior training session
  • Organising Junior events
  • Ensuring Junior coaches are fully qualified or supervised and the correct ratio is observed.
  • Ensuring Junior coaches/leaders have completed TI Safeguarding.
  • Ensuring Juniors are aware of who the club Children's Officer is and what their rights are as junior club member.
  • Representing Junior members on the main club committee.
  • Ensuring safe recruitment of volunteers and coaches to work with the juniors- see policy below.




Forms for Clubs

The following forms must be used where relevant and stored confidentially by the club Children's Officer. 

Form 11 Junior Athletes Parental Consent Form

Form 11a Junior Athlete Absent Parental Consent Form 

Form 12 Incident Reporting

Form 13 Accident Reporting

Form 15 Volunteer induction Template

To become a Junior Membe

Safeguarding Contact List

Safeguarding Contact in Triathlon Ireland: Niamh O'Gorman. e.  p.012741032
Safeguarding useful contacts List

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