Club Affiliation

If you are wishing to set up a club and affiliate it to Triathlon Ireland, you will be able to affiliate your club online in this area. A club may affiliate to Triathlon Ireland if it meets the following requirements. 


  1. A club may affiliate to Triathlon Ireland if it meets the following requirements:
    1. A club must be a not for profit body and must be separate and distinct from other business/organisations.
    2. A club must have a minimum club membership of four licence holders. It must have a duly appointed Club Management Committee consisting of at least three licence holders including a Club President/Chair, Club Secretary and Club Treasurer. (Guidance to the requirements for a new club can be found within the Sample Club Constitution)
    3. A club must ensure that all club licence holders are also affiliated of Triathlon Ireland.
    4. Junior licence holders may only be accepted if the club has resources as detailed within the Triathlon Ireland Safeguarding Code. A club with junior junior licence holders must have an appointed Child Protection Officer & Designated Childrens Officer.
    5. All club licence holder membership fees must be processed through the Triathlon Ireland website
    6. A club is obliged to provide an official online presence (website or social media platform). This must:
      1. list the dates/times of weekly training sessions
      2. have a clear process for application for club membership of your club and show the membership fee
    7. Training sessions within a club must hold sessions in swim, bike and run throughout the calendar year
    8. Club constitution must be available to all their licence holders
  2. Affiliation to Triathlon Ireland must be renewed annually, by paying the annual affiliation fee as determined by Triathlon Ireland Board/Management and completing the online Club Affiliation form, club constitution and any other documentation required to the satisfaction of Triathlon Ireland. Any member club which fails to affiliate will subsequently be treated as a commercial enterprise in their dealings with Triathlon Ireland
  3. A club must have constitutional documents and rule books in place which comply with Triathlon Ireland based guidelines and which do not contain any provisions which conflict with Triathlon Ireland M&AA, International Triathlon Union (ITU) Rule Book or any other rules, regulations or directions issued by Triathlon Ireland
  4. It is mandatory for a club to promote and sanction all of their events through the Triathlon Ireland sanctioning process.
  5. A club may include any Triathlon Ireland licence holder, or a licence holder of any International Triathlon Union (ITU) recognised governing body, at their club training sessions*. Non Triathlon Ireland licence holders may join training sessions as a guest a maximum of three times, provided that the Guest Sign On sheet** has been completed.
  6. A club may organise competitive training sessions and make them open to all their club licence holders. A competitive session must comply with the following:  
    1. These sessions may take the form of a race, but no entry fee may be charged. Donations may be sought towards running costs, but participation must not be denied to those who do not contribute. 
    2. It is expected that the club carries out a detailed risk assessment for any such exercise. 
    3. The session cannot be promoted outside of the club. 
    4. The sessions should be limited to a max of 70 participants of which max 20 can be guest licence holders. 
    5. Triathlon Ireland should be notified at least 8 weeks in advance of all such sessions.
  7. A club shall adopt and comply with Triathlon Ireland’s complaints and disciplinary procedures. In the event of a Club failing to comply with or enforce any disciplinary or other measure determined by Triathlon Ireland, the Board may suspend or terminate the affiliation of such Club with Triathlon Ireland. Any proceeding against a Club shall be brought in accordance with the provisions of the Triathlon Ireland Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures.
  8. A club shall ensure that a recording of incidents/injuries is maintained including incident-action outcome
  9. A club shall ensure that minutes of Club Committee meetings and Club General Meetings are kept (including Club Treasurer’s reports)
*A club training session is defined as being one that is open to a wide range of members and advertised, specifically on the club website or other social media.
**Guest Sign On sheets must be retained by the Club Secretary and be made available for inspection upon request for a period of one year from the date of training.


If any committee members change at any time during the year please complete a new Club Officers Form and submit to so that our records and the website can be updated accordingly.






75 rate for clubs taking club membership through the Triathlon Ireland website

  • A club is not for profit and must be separate and distinct from other business/organisations.
  • You will need a club website. 
  • The club website:-
    • must list the dates/times of weekly training sessions and be open to all members to attend
    • must have a clear process for application for membership of your club (online or paper applications are acceptable) and show the membership fee
  • Your club members will need to be members of Triathlon Ireland.


If you would like to affiliate to Triathlon Ireland, please login to your membership account and follow the steps to "affiliate a club". If you have any questions please send an email to and we will work with you to affiliate your club.

HOW TO AFFIliate a junior club

Please see below links with information relation to setting up a junior club and safeguarding your club