Zwift Time Trial League Round 9

Zwift Time Trial Round 9

ROUND 9 - Tempus Fugit

Round 9, and our second last week of the Zwift TT series, will start on Thursday 25th of June. We will have three races back at Tempus Fugit, which was our first race of the series! So why not sign up for this week and try and better your time on this 18k out-and-back course

With only 2 Rounds left - check out the league results here


Round 9 will take place Thursday, Friday & Saturday in three separate races on the same course. Choose whichever day suits you best - it's the exact same course each day, and all performances will be collated in to one results sheet.

Round 9 Race 1

Thursday 25th June @ 19:00
Hudik Triathlon Time Trial

Round 9 Race 2

Friday 26th June @ 19:15
GGCC GlasgowGreen CC TT

Round 9 Race 3

Saturday 27th June  @10:00
Newbury Velo Weekend TT

Note: Only a rider's first attempt will be recorded for Round 9 so unless you have a technology meltdown, doing the course more than once won't count.


  • Before you race, make sure to change your PRIMARY Club on Zwift Power to Tri Ireland - without this we won't know to include you in our results. Please leave your primary team set to Tri Ireland for two hours after the race so we can collect results. (You can change it back afterwards). *Riders who do not have their team set to Tri Ireland will not be included in the results.*
  • You must have a heart rate monitor and power data to be included in each week's results - this is a requirement of Zwift Power and ensures fair competition.
  • You must at least have a Triathlon Ireland training licence to appear on the League Table.
  • Be ready to go at least half an hour before the race. Enter any Zwift course and you will see a pop up asking you to join the race - click on this and you can then warm up on the starting grid.

Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit is the classic time trial course on Zwift. An 18km out-and-back course which rewards riders who can maintain their level of effort over the full distance.

Tempus Fugit Course Profile_Zwift

Tempus Fugit- Zwift


Rounds 1 - 8 can be found here:  Weekly Round Results

Check the current league standings here: League Table Results  *Top 6 results included in the overall score

If you have any queries on your points allocation please email Please also get in touch with Roisin if are in the 70+ Age Category. The Age Groups on Zwift Power don't have that category, but we are including one for the league.

Plan Your Next Races

The last race of the Zwift Time Trial league will take place next week starting July 1st. Take a look at the details below and sign up for the last race of the series!

Round 10 - 3R & Triathlon Ireland TT LeagueWatopia – The Magnificent 8 (28.9k) – 1 LapWednesday 1st July  @18:15
Thursday 2nd July  @18:30
Friday 3rd July   @18:05

Run & Ride for Pieta

Have you signed up for the Run & Ride for Pieta? Run and Ride for Pieta is Triathlon Ireland's nationwide duathlon campaign, supported by our official partner BMW and designed to kick-off the outdoor summer season.

We have also launched a Zwift edition Run & Ride for Pieta, which might be right up your street!. It's not too late to sign up!

Run & Ride for Pieta Male & Female photo