Panel Discussion with our 'Beyond the Finish Line' Advocates

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Are you new to triathlon? Wonder what you should wear when doing a triathlon, or what kind of bike you should use? We are hosting a Women in Sport Panel Discussion with our 'Beyond the Finish Line' Advocates to answer all of your questions! The Panel Discussion will take place next Wednesday, 29th of July at 7.30pm.

We'll be having a chat with the advocates about their experiences in triathlon and any training tips they would like to share. This Panel Discussion with all eight of our advocates will also give you the chance to ask any training or triathlon related questions you might have about starting out on your triathlon journey.  Our advocates are all triathletes, and all have different experiences in the sport to share! Level 2 Triathlon Coach Olivia McCartin will be well placed to answer all of your training questions, while nutritionist Fiona O'Donnell will be on hand to answer your fuelling queries.  You can find out more about our advocates Claire, Ellen, Diane, Roisin, Olivia, Fiona, Máire Triona and Amy on our website here

If you've been part of triathlon for a while, but would like to join the discussion - please do, everyone is welcome!


The webinar is free but we do need everyone to register beforehand.


If there are any topics you would like covered, or if you would like to submit a question in advance of the session, please email Joanna Doran on