This Week's Club 'New to Tri' Programmes & Open Evenings

Westport Triathlon 2018 General Pic

Joining your local triathlon club can be a great way to become more involved in the sport - whether you are a beginner or an experienced triathlete. See below details of some of the clubs around the country hosting Open Evenings for potential members. 

For those new to the sport, some clubs host 'New to Tri' pogrammes, some of those are listed below. If you want to find out whether your local club host a 'New to Tri' programme, you can contact your local club through the details listed here.

Tri-Limits Triathlon club

The Tri Limits Triathlon Club 8 Week 'Women4Tri' Programme starts soon. There will be a registration and launch night next Thursday, 24th January in Dungannon. This is a beginner friendly programme for women looking to take part in their first triathlon!

Women4Tri Poster

activ multisport

Activ Multisport, based in Dublin, have a ten week 'New2Tri' course running until sprint triathlon 'TriLaois' in April where participants will take on their first triathlon. The cost of the programme is €105 and includes a trisuit for each participant. The club can be contacted through Facebook or via email to register. 

Activ Multisport NTT 2019

cork triathlon club

Cork Tri Club is rolling out a comprehensive training program for those looking to complete their first Triathlon in 2019. The programme aligns with club training sessions and they are suitable for a variety of fitness bases. These training sessions are a fantastic way to kick start any Tri journey, while meeting new people. The programme includes regular training sessions and specifically tailored New2Tri sessions, such as Intro to Group Cycling sessions and Buddy-Up open water sessions. The highlights of the program come in the form of a Try-a-Tri/Club picnic and then two target local races (optional) from the TI calendar, a duathlon in April and a sprint distance triathlon during the summer. 

The club are hosting an Open Evening for new members on Friday, 25 January in the Clayton Hotel, Cork City. You can visit the Cork Triathlon Club Facebook page or email for further information.

Cork Tri Club NTT 2019

limerick triathlon club

Limerick Triathlon Club will be holding a Beginner’s Triathlon Information evening on Friday, 25th January from 8-10 pm at the Castletroy Park Hotel. There will be a short presentation on how to get started in triathlon and plenty of time to ask questions about training and membership. This will be followed by a Heart Rate Setting and Training Day on Sunday January 27th. The day is all about setting your heart rate zones and baseline times for the start of the year under the guidance of Limerick Triathlon Club's coach Mark Dempsey.

For more information please visit the club Facebook page.

Limerick TC Group Pic

tritanium triathlon club

Dublin based Tritanium Triathlon Club have their 'New2Tri' programme starting next Monday, 28 January - and it's not too late to sign up!

The ten week course is for triathlon beginners leading up to TriLaois at the start of April. Visit the club website or Facebook page for further information. You can also contact the club via email.

Tritanium NTT 2019