The Elite National Championships 2019

Want to race the best in the country? This year's Elite National Championships will take place at the Vodafone Dublin City Triathlon next month, a single draft legal race over sprint distance to crown two elite champions!

DCT Women's Bike Pack 2018

Taking place on Saturday, 17th of August with a swim in the Liffey and the bike and run around Dublin's iconic Phoenix Park, Ireland's best triathletes will race to claim the Elite National Championship and share in the €3,000 prize fund.

Athlete Guide

for full details on the event, download the Athlete Guide for this race.

DCT 2018 Men's Bike Pack

Draft Legal Racing

Draft legal racing is exciting, fast paced and requires excellent bike handling skills. The Elite National Championships provides a good opportunity for those interested in racing as an International Age Group athlete to race a draft-legal triathlon on home turf.
For more information on becoming an age group athlete.

BMW Triathlon National Series Points

BMW Triathlon National Series points will not be awarded to participants in the Elite National Champs. If you wish to score BMW TNS points from the Vodafone Dublin City Triathlon, you must enter the non-drafting event.

junior national championships

This race will also be the Junior National Championships. Juniors between the age of 16 and 19 by 31 December this year will be eligible to take part to become the Junior National Triathlon Champion.

Juniors that wish to earn points for the BMW Triathlon National Series must enter the non-draft legal sprint distance race and can race in their age group.