The ETU Innovation Award

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Ever had an idea for a handy product that might make an aspect of your triathlon training or racing easier? The European Triathlon Union (ETU) are running a great new initiative called the 'ETU Innovation Award' for an innovative idea within the multisport community. It can be an innovation in any format for example a product, process, or a new event format! 

Your idea doesn't need to be at an advanced stage to apply for the award, you just need to be able to describe your idea.

what's on offer

There is a generous prize fund of €6,000 on offer for the award and it will be distributed to one, two or three ideas as decided by the judges.

3 Winners2 WinnersWinner
1. € 3,0001. €3,5001. €6,000
2. € 2,0002. €2,500 
3. € 1,000  

who can apply?

To be eligible for the award:

  • Applicants have to be a member of one of the member federations of the ETU.
  • Applicants must have an age between 18 and 30.
  • The idea presented must be an innovation in triathlon in any way. It can be for example a product, a service or a new event format.
  • The innovation must not be more than three years old as of the judges’ panel meeting.
  • The innovations must not have been awarded in another competition.