Race Report: Mayo Tri Clubs' Joint 'New to Tri' Programme

Mayo Women's Event 2019_Group Pic

Five clubs in Mayo have worked together to encourage more women in their area to take part in triathlon.

Westport Triathlon Club, Grainne Uaile Triathlon Club, Castlebar Triathlon Club, Liquid Motion Triathlon Club and Swinford Triathlon Club in conjunction with Triathlon Ireland and Mayo Sports Partnership ran a 'New to Tri' programme for women. Seventy-nine athletes then completed their first triathlon after eight weeks of training together. 

There were a number of training sessions organised during the eight weeks, in addition to each club's training sessions. The group showed huge commitment, turning up in all sorts of weather to learn more about the sport!

Mayo Women's Event

race day

Taking place at the new leisure centre at Lough Lannagh, Castlebar on Sunday, 31 March, the day dawned bright and clear for the Try-a-Tri race. A 300m pool swim, 15km bike and 4km run around the shore of Lough Lannagh lay ahead of the women and there was an air of nervous excitement as each athlete set up their first ever transition area. 

Mayo Women's Event_Group Pic Swim

A huge cheer rang out as the first of two waves started the swim. The volunteers at the end of each lane gave great encouragement to the swimmers as they ticked off each length. As the women began exited the pool there was a round of applause as each athlete headed for T1.

Mayo Women's Event 2019_Bike 2

Out on the bike and run course there were spectators and locals giving encouraging cheers and support along the route and a great atmosphere greeted each triathlete as they crossed the finish line of their first race.

Mayo Women's Event 2019_Finish Line

joining forces

This event was a culmination of month's of work by the triathlon clubs, Mayo Sports Partnership and Triathlon Ireland, as TI Development Officer Eleanor Condon outlines;

"The sun shone but the smiles from over 70 ladies shone even brighter after completing their first try-a-tri after 8 weeks of swimming, cycling and running! They encouraged each other from the start of the training programme back in March.

Having experienced clubs like Liquid Motion, Grainne Uaile, Castlebar, Westport and Swinford along with the driving force of Mayo Sports Partnership made the whole programme run easily and efficiently from start to finish.

Each club went above and beyond to help the group - not only did they get them race-ready but offered so much support and encouragement on the day.

Clubs coming together for a mass participation event was not just about the triathlon at the end, but about the social element of meeting new women who have never done something like this before, and building friendships that will last much longer.

Given the great success of this programme, we are already looking forward to next year's event!"

Mayo Women's Event 2019_Finish Line2

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