5 Reasons Triathlon is for Everyone

DCT 2017 Woman on Bike with Kids

This summer, more than 22,000 people will run, swim and bike their way to one of the best adventures sport can deliver - a triathlon. And despite the image that sometimes goes with the sport, most of these people won't be highly tuned athletes - instead they're regular people.

For more than a decade, triathlon has been one of the fastest growing sports in the country.

Here are some of the reasons why triathlon is a sport for everyone!

1. the youngest members

Juniors make up a large portion of the Triathlon Ireland membership and this figure is growing year on year. There are a number of junior events around the country and many triathlon clubs have fun and enthusiastic junior sections.

Last year the 'Tri-Heroes' Schools programme introduced over 1,500 kids and teenagers to our sport, many of whom then joined local clubs and are enjoying taking part in triathlon on a regular basis. Find out more about Tri-Heroes.

Sligo schools group pic

2. finding the time

Triathletes are hugely passionate about their sport and balance training with busy home and work lives. Everyone has the time to train for a triathlon, the trick is to find a schedule and a training plan that works for you. Being a member of a triathlon club can be a huge help in terms of having scheduled training sessions for planning and accountability. Showing up to the pool at 6am for a swim session is made much easier when your triclub friends are there, and everyone is in the same boat! Getting home from the pool to take the kids to school or running from the pool to work is standard for many triathletes. Perhaps consider fitting in a lunchtime run to ensure that the training gets done without taking time from other responsibilities. 

Entering a race and having a goal in mind is a great way to motivate training during the winter. That training soon becomes routine, and soon becomes fun!

Two Provinces_Group Shot

3. A family sport

Multisport is a family sport with popular Family Aquathlons springing up over the last couple of years, where parents and their children can compete in the same team. Many clubs have whole families as members, training together and encouraging each other. Keep an eye on our Race Calendar for more of these fun events to be announced this year.

Barrow Aquathlon Team Finishes Together

4. Women in triathlon

We are very proud that women make up 35% of triathlon participation - one of the highest female participation rates of all endurance sports in Ireland, and we are striving to increase this number every year. The 'Equally Inspiring' Women in Triathlon Participation Strategy was launched in 2017 and is currently being driven by Triathlon Ireland Women's Participation Lead, Nikki Bradley. One of the highlights for this strategy last year was the 'Tri-gether' women's triathlon run by Letterkenny 247 in Donegal. Over 100 women took part in a great day of triathlon, many for the first time!

Tri-gether Pool

5. The swim

Dislike swimming in the open water? This is something that is very common among triathletes. For those new to open water it is possible to do a race with a pool swim - no wetsuit needed! Build up your confidence before entering an open-water triathlon. Open water swimming sessions with your local club can be a great way to build your swim skills.

The Lost Sheep 2018 Swim Start

get involved

There's a triathlon distance to suit all abilities and beginner friendly programmes mean that, no matter your current fitness levels, you can train at your own pace to achieve your goals. 

Become a member of Triathlon Ireland and start your triathlon journey.