White: Small Margins Count Big

Russell White Leeds WTS 2017 Pic 1

White: Small Margins Count Big

Russell White has declared himself happy with his fitness levels following his first European outing of the season at ITU World Triathlon Leeds.

White finished 23rd in a world class field but has explained that a small mistake at the beginning of the bike leg cost him the chance to replicate his career best placing of 11th in the same race last year.

White looked to be well positioned following the 1,500m swim and was in touch with the lead group of athletes heading out on to the 40km bike leg.

But he was unable to get his feet to his bike shoes promptly - an error that cost him a handful of seconds which then snowballed in to him missing the front pack, as he explains:

"I had a good swim, I comfortably in to transition and I even beat a few guys coming out of transition. It was crowded jumping on the bikes and I ended up running a little further than I would have, I think I ended up clipping somebody's bike with my shoe and the elastics holding it in place snapped so it was just spinning. Everytime I went to put my foot down I was stopping with the sole turned upwards. Then I put my other foot in with the strap in the way."

Russell White Leeds WTS 2017 Pic 2

No Man's Land

White continued: "If it hadn't been a hill out of transition it would have been easier to resolve but I couldn't recover any speed, they (the leading pack) cycled off in to the distance. I was on no man's land and had to cycle on my own. By the time I got to the top of the hill I knew the race was completely different to what it could have been. I ended up cycling with the next pack but there wasn't a lot of work being done in that group."

White ended up arriving in to T2 adrift of the first main pack of athletes but recovered well to post a highly respectable 23rd place finish - his third best World Triathlon Series result.

"I was aiming for a top ten but at least to secure top 15 and looking at the results sneaking in to that 15 would have been possible. I am gutted that it didn't go to plan but I just have to keep my head and focus on Kitzbuehel next week," White said.

Brownlees 1-2

With the unique course that Leeds offers, the men cycled 13 kilometres through the country side before heading into the main seven-lap course located in the city centre.

During that first long scenic lap, a group of four men, the Brownlees and Frenchmen Pierre Le Corre and Aurelien Raphael, pushed ahead. However, as the men made their way closer to the city centre, where the mass crowds and grandstand awaited, the Brownlees broke away to ride as a leading duo to gain the cheers and their hometown support.

Both Alistair and Jonny ran together for the first three laps of the run. While Jonny is more acclimated for the Olympic distance, in the end it was Alistair who had the fitness and got away from his brother to take the gold. Jonny was left to earn the silver, but gave him much needed WTS points for his overall Series rankings. Spain's Fernando Alarza finished in third place.

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