Top Tips from Triathlete Carolyn Hayes

Your first few triathlons can be daunting not only from a training perspective but practically speaking in terms of the 'tricks of the trade'. Things like how best to set up T1 and how to quickly dismount your bike are simple things that, once practised, can save vital seconds during the race.

Carolyn Hayes - Swim Entry

Triathlon Ireland has teamed up with our sponsor Renault Ireland to produce a set of 'Top Tips' featuring triathlete Carolyn Hayes and age group triathlete Jennifer O'Sullivan. As Carolyn explains, "Everyone will have their own way of doing things", but it can't hurt to see how the best in the country set things up in transition. Check out how the pros do it with Carolyn's advice in the videos below.

Setting up transition

Carolyn explains how to rack your bike to ensure a smooth transition. Find out why you only put the talc in your bike shoes after you clip them in...

Mounting/dismounting your bike

Carolyn Hayes - Bike Dismount

Getting in and out of the bike shoes while racing poses a challenge for many - see what Carolyn advises...

Open water swimming

Carolyn shows Jennifer how to easily put on her wetsuit and demonstrates how best to sight when open water swimming.


Nutrition is a key component when racing, Carolyn outlines what works for her when busy training, working and spending time on the road.

Carolyn Hayes - Cycling

Special thanks to Renault Ireland for their support and to Carolyn Hayes and Jennifer O'Sullivan for being the stars of the show!