Ten Iron Distance Races in Ten Days - Gerard Prendergast

Gerard Prendergast Swim Entry

Huge thanks to Gerard Prendergast for sending in the following Race Report on his ten long distance triathlons in ten days - DecaUK, congratulations Gerard!


When I first heard about DecaUK I knew that second that it was the big event I have been looking for. I can’t say exactly why but I wanted to sign up as soon as I read about it, but as I’m an impulsive person I wanted to do some research on it and run it by my wife and training partner Trevor, whom I had entered previous races with i.e. Ironman Wales, Lanzarote, etc. They were not on board to say the least and they thought I was going to do myself harm. I felt very strongly about entering so I continued my research and my intention to enter grew, so I did. This was approximately a year and a half before the Deca was to start.


Training got underway and with the guidance of Tri Coach Bjorn, we put together a training plan that fit around my work and family life, as a husband and father of three the training came last, but we managed it well. We trained mostly twice a day and fit a rest day in each week, a rest day did not just mean sit around but consisted of a small light session with stretching also.

I looked after the food side of things myself, as a plant based athlete I felt I was getting the right nutrients to fuel training and recovery. I had some go to meals including post session smoothies with all natural ingredients.

The last couple of weeks leading up to the event were hard. I had spent a week in Lake Garda with my family and although I trained well, there was still nagging doubt in the back of my mind that the prep was not ideal. I can look back at it now and honestly say that the training was spot on. I think with an event like this, or your next big event, you’ll always have those feelings of doubt, then confidence and they’ll keep changing on an hourly basis sometimes. Trust in your training, you’ll know if you have put the work in or not.

Gerard Predergast Pre Swim DecaUK 2017

The challenge

During the event we were flying. I had the best crew there and truly believe they were a big factor in finishing the Deca. Day 1 and 2 we had a strategy that we stuck to that worked well when it came to finishing those days, but I felt great and I wanted more than finishing in last place. I re-evaluated the strategy, changed it with the crew and we took off from there, jumping from last place to first over the next few days.

Gerard Prendergast DecaUK Bike 2017

Day 7 saw us hit a bit of a road block, my quads started to feel the pressure and we had to struggle to get to the end of this day. It was the toughest of all 10 days and the closest we came to a DNF although a DNF was never going to happen. We had mentally prepared for such an incident like this that we knew what to do. The next two days were back to the game plan, although I was still carrying a quad problem.

Then Day 10 arrived. I felt pumped; I sailed through the swim, hammered the bike and finished the run with no real pressure from other competitors having built up a 4.5hour lead.

Gerald Predergast

crossing the finish line

Crossing the finish line was the best feeling in my sporting life, it’s simply indescribable. Some of my support crew were there, some of my family and friends were there and my wife and kids were there too. We recorded a Facebook live video for the finish for the community of Ballymun watching back home. The support I was getting was phenomenal and so many people had tuned into the live video as well as the daily VLOGs I was putting up on my FB page.

There were so many brilliant stories that happened everyday from the time we left home to the time we arrived home that it’s simply impossible to get even one or two into an article like this, but what I will say is that it was the most enjoyable and greatest achievement of my life.