TI and Barilla Bring TriHeroes to Irish Schools

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TriHeroes Kids Triathlon Programme

Kids are unlocking their inner ‘Tri-Hero’ by learning to swim, cycle and run - all on the same day - as part of Ireland’s first ever school’s based triathlon programme.

Since it launched in the autumn of 2016, Triathlon Ireland’s TriHeroes schools’ triathlon programme has already helped hundreds of children and young teenagers gain confidence in swimming and cycling.

Now thanks to the generous support of Barilla - a company which shares a passion for healthy living - Triathlon Ireland is announcing ambitious plans to bring TriHeroes to even more schools across the island of ireland.

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About TriHeroes

Tri-Heroes helps teachers introduce and deliver triathlon activities to pupils whilst supporting the needs of the school to deliver the necessary Physical Education progression for all pupils.

The programme brings together the lifelong activities of swimming, cycling and running to inspire, motivate and challenge children. TriHeroes is fun, varied, challenging and suitable for all pupils whether as part of the curriculum or after school activity.

At the end of the course (which is normally run over six 90min sessions), each student gets the chance to take part in a mini-triathlon, giving them a sense of accomplishment and allowing them participate in a safe and positive environment.

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Since the programme was initiated in September 2016, dozens of primary and secondary schools have completed the programme with hundreds of kids and teenagers completing their first ever mini-triathlon.

Triathlon Ireland CEO, Chris Kitchen said support from Barilla will help TriHeroes reach even more schools.

“We view triathlon as a sport that’s suitable for people of all ages and abilities and that starts with kids as young as eight years old. It’s really important for children to learn to swim and ride a bicycle with confidence so that healthy physical activity is something they make an everyday part of their lives right through to adulthood.”

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Barilla - The Pillar of a Mediterranean Diet

Barilla strongly believes in educating people on the benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle – eating well and doing sports - from a young age. Pasta, as a pillar of the Med diet, is a healthy and sustainable food: a source of good carbs, minerals and vitamins.  

Pasta is not only delicious for kids. It also helps to keep them fuller for longer, providing a steady release of energy that is a great plus for doing sports

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How to Get Involved

If you would like to get more information about TriHeroes and how you can bring it to your school email us: schools@triathlonireland.com and we will get in touch with the steps to make your kids TriHeroes.