My Triathlon - Tojo Lazzari

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Triathletes are extraordinary people with inspiring stories to tell. Every fortnight, 'My Triathlon' features a story from someone in our triathlon community, told in their own words.

Tojo Lazzari

"Pre-accident I was a keen kayaker and my life literally revolved around kayaking and many other adventure activities, I did my best to get kayaking again but I soon realised I would never compete at the level I had previous."

"I was getting quite depressed without my beloved adventure sports and seeing how my friends got to do the sports I loved everyday really effected me, I lost more than my arm that day, I lost a big part of what made me who I was."

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"I'm so grateful as the journey so far has been amazing, I have been competing in triathlon for about two years now and it has totally taken over my life!"

"Triathlon does many things, for me it gives me discipline, keeps me focused, keeps me fit, and adds a kind of balance to my life from work and the other stressors of life, training is my meditation and racing is just pure fun and pain! I love the physical and mental test it brings."

My Triathlon focuses on the inspiring stories from the everyday people who form our triathlon community. 

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