My Triathlon: Mary Comey

Triathletes are extraordinary people with inspiring stories to tell. Every fortnight, 'My Triathlon' features a story from someone in our triathlon community, told in their own words.

My Triathlon

mary comey

“I started off three years ago, I have three kids and I decided I’d get into triathlon. So, I started off first I did the ‘Swim for a Mile’ with Swim Ireland and then I did a 5k, a ‘Run with Ray’ programme and then I said I might as well get a bike then. So, I just added it up piece by piece. I did one sprint tri that year and then there’s a gang of us that used to play canoe polo together, we all do a couple of triathlons a year together.”

“Through our early twenties, we were all on the Irish Women’s Canoe Polo team. Now we meet up to do this (triathlon). There’s only two of us here today (Dublin City Triathlon) but we did Westport, we used it as a reunion and there was about 8 of us.”

“Gradually over the last 3 years I’ve built up my fitness so that’s good, and there’s always another challenge. You do the sprint and then you think, ‘could I do the Olympic?’. This is just my second Olympic and my first this year. I’m going to train now for my first half marathon in October and we’ll see next year then.”

“Do one bit at a time – try a 5k, do a 50 metre swim, do one piece at a time and then it will all come together. Then you suddenly look back and you go ‘I would never have thought I could do this three years ago, and now I can do it!’ ”.

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