My Triathlon - Jennifer Hogan

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Triathletes are extraordinary people with inspiring stories to tell. Every fortnight, 'My Triathlon' features a story from someone in our triathlon community, told in their own words.

Jennifer Hogan

"Like most people, my day to day life was quite hectic until recently when I was diagnosed with breast cancer."

"Now it’s hectic in a different way dealing with hospital visits and treatment side effects. I tended to use exercise as my way to switch off from the daily stresses of life and I find it a way to actively relax!"

"Since my diagnosis of breast cancer, lots of the normal parts of my life are on hold while I get treatment. Continuing to exercise through treatment has been a way for me to still feel somewhat normal and also stay as healthy as possible during treatment. I find exercise helps boost my energy levels and mood."

"One of the benefits of triathlon for me has been the privilege of racing in some of the most beautiful parts of the country and having lakes and parks/country lanes as your playground during a race."

 Jennifer Hogan My Triathlon 2

"Although I’m more of a finisher than a winner in races, I love the feeling of satisfaction of completing another event. One big challenge for me has been open water and I have slowly but surely been gaining more confidence in sea swims. In terms of goals, there always more to aim for in triathlon and this is what keeps my interest. Whether it’s working on transition times, swim technique, bike fitness or racing on a new course, racing draft legal races, racing different distances, there are always new goals."

"Right now, my goals are to try and hold on to some fitness during my cancer treatment and also to get enjoyment out of being active. Participating in training session with my friends from Belpark Tri club helps me to feel normal and it’s hard to feel sick when cycling around the phoenix park with the deer!"

My Triathlon focuses on the inspiring stories from the everyday people who form our triathlon community. 

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