Launch of First Women's Tri Leader Course

WIS Tri Leader Course

In response to member feedback, Triathlon Ireland has organised a female only Tri Leader course taking place on Sunday, 15 October 2017 in DCU, Dublin. You can find out more information and register to take part here.

To celebrate the launch of this course we caught up with Ciara McClearn, coach with Predator Tri Club, to find out a little about how and why she got started in coaching...

How long have you been involved in coaching?

I’ve been involved in the Predator Tri Club coaching set up for approximately 4-5 years, having joined as a senior member and then having children who joined the club.

Why did you get into coaching/What inspired you to?

I think, like a lot of parents, it was my children who drew me into coaching.  I was attending the sessions regularly and it came to a point where I was enjoying what I was learning so much that I wanted to obtain formal qualifications and assist the club with coaching duties.  

What is your favourite thing about coaching?

There is nothing more satisfying thing than seeing any athlete go from being timid in the water to swimming in open water with ease.  I work with younger/newer members to triathlon.  The progression from the start of the year in October to seeing them race during the following summer is amazing – and very satisfying on a personal and a coaching level.

Coach Ciara McClearn

Where do you see your coaching career going in the future?

I love helping out beginner triathletes.  A lot of novice triathletes may be quite fit but have never prepared for anything quite like a triathlon.  I would love to keep more people involved in the sport after they have ticked “do a triathlon” off their bucket list.

How do you balance your own training/life and coaching?

Badly!  I balance life and coaching very well but my own training is certainly way down my priority list!

What advice would you offer to someone looking at starting their coaching career?

Give it a go.  
Start with helping out at sessions in your local club.
Don’t worry about your own abilities as an athlete – some of the best teachers are the worst athletes!
Ask your local coaches for help or your parent organisation.
Do all the courses! – Child safety, first aid etc.  They are invaluable and not a box ticking exercise.
Watch other coaches and see what they do.  Learn from the right (and wrong!) things they do!

Feeling inspired? If you would like to follow in Ciara's footsteps then check out the Tri Leader course here.