Interested in becoming a Technical Official?

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Triathlon Ireland is pleased to announce we will be holding Local Technical Official (LTO) courses nationwide in early 2018.

Please see dates and locations below:


Radisson Blu Little Island - Saturday, 27th January 2018


St Mary's School - Saturday, 27th January 2018


Sports HQ - Saturday, 3rd February 2018

An important role

Technical Officials (TOs) play a key role in the safe running of events nationwide and in the continuous improvement the sport of Triathlon. Technical Officials come from all sporting backgrounds - from those with vast triathlon experience to those who only recently began in triathlon. The TO's role is primarily to make sure the event is fun, safe and fair.

The LTO course is the initial step on the ITU Technical Officials pathway and matches the accreditation requirements to conform with the ITU Level 1 Technical Officials certificate programme.

For further information on the job of a TO visit the website here.

To see the story of how National Technical Official Jane O'Brien became a TO, see here.

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