Equally Inspiring - Triathlon Ireland's Women in Sport Strategy

Women in Triathlon Participation Strategy 2017 Front Page

Triathlon has one of the highest female participation rates of all endurance sports in Ireland, with the number of women and girls taking part in our sport increasing by a massive 83% in the past four years.

But with women and girls making up 34% of all members, female triathletes are still under represented in our sport.

Equally Inspiring - Women in Triathlon Participation Strategy 2017 - 2020 

The Equally Inspiring - Women in Triathlon Participation Strategy 2017 - 2020 aims to increase female participation in our sport through a number of approaches. These include encouraging more women and girls to take part in a triathlon, to join triathlon clubs and to encourage more women in to leadership positions within triathlon.

Parts of this strategy are already being implemented and over the coming months and years more initiatives - such as a women's only triathlon - will be undertaken by Triathlon Ireland.   

The full document is available as a pdf download and Triathlon Ireland urges all our members to read it and help us as we make triathlon a more equal sport.

Get Your Club Involved

If your club is interested in getting involved in any of the initiatives in the programme or wants to nominate a Women's Officer, get in touch with Triathlon Ireland's Women's Lead Anna Grealish