Junior Club Clusters

Junior Club Cluster

Junior Club development is an important part of triathlon's future in Ireland. Over the past few years we have seen a rapid growth in the number of triathlon clubs starting up junior sections.

A new initiative in the West of Ireland has seen 5 local triathlon clubs come together to help develop both their junior sections and their junior club coaches.

The idea behind the club cluster sessions is for the junior clubs to work together and develop their junior sessions and junior coaches.

1) Each club agrees to host a junior session (1 club per month)

2) All clubs attend the session with their juniors

3) All coaches attend the sessions to learn and support each other

Two sessions have already been run by Predator Tri Club and Galway Tri Club. Both sessions were attended by 85+ juniors and over 10 club coaches. Three more sessions are planned for 2016.

It is a learning opportunity for junior coaches to share ideas, knowledge and session plans. 

It provides an opportunity for juniors to train with a new group, push each other and have fun.

If you have a junior club and are interested in joining up with other local clubs in your area to set up a club cluster please contact Development Officer Anna Grealish anna@triathlonireland.com