Cobh Jailbreak Triathlon

Cobh Jailbreak Triathlon

Cobh Jailbreak Triathlon, hosted by Cobh Tri Club, took place last Saturday the 8th of August with both Olympic and Sprint races. Donncha Kiely (2:09:23) and Denise Compton (2:29:05) took first place in the Olympic distances which features the challenging swim from Spike Island. The swim was made tougher this year with a strong wind that ripped up the water pushing the swimmers downstream. Local Cobh Triathlon Club member Michael Bruton came second (2:10:50) and was Alan Ryan third (2:16:21). In the women’s race Jen Lande was second (2:33:56) and Katie Hickson finished in third place (2:34:32).

Competitors in the Sprint Distance had the advantage of the prevailing wind which guided them swiftly up the quay resulting in quick swim times. The overall race was won by Cillian Tierney (57:34) and Joyce Wolfe (1:11:01). Second and third home in the men’s sprint were Trevor Wood (59:00) and Sebastian Helka (59:55). Runners up in the women’s race were Una Plant in a time of 1:13:13 and Catherina Phelan in 1:15:34.

Winners of the relay were Team 2 Buoys and a Gull in the Olympic and Team Easy Peasy in the Sprint.

Thanks to all the competitors from Cobh Tri for taking part and look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Full Results Here