Technical Officials

Technical Officials (TOs) play a key role in the safe running of events nationwide and in the continuous improvement the sport of Triathlon. TOs come from all sporting backgrounds - from those with vast triathlon experience to those who only recently began in triathlon. The TO's role is primarily to make sure the event is fun, safe and fair.

See the below areas for further information on the role of the Technical Official and how to become one.

The Technical Official Pathway

Click on The Technical Official Pathway to read about the pathway to becoming a technical official.

The Local Technical Official

Click on The Local Technical Official Course to find out about becoming a Local Technical Official and what the role involves.

The National Technical Official

The National Technical Official Course is the next step on the pathway for the Local Technical Official.

Technical Official Resources

Click on Technical Official Resources to download documents relating to the work of the Technical Official.

Technical OFFICIALs and Safeguarding 

Click on Safeguarding to read more about the importance of officiating and safeguarding.