FAQ's Triathlon & Covid-19

We have compiled the following to answer some of the questions that our community may have surrounding triathlon and Covid-19. If your query is not answered below, please get in touch with us at reception@triathlonireland.com.

Refer to the below documents which outline the phased return to training and give Open Water Swimming Guidance.



What's Triathlon Ireland's advice for training during the Covid-19 period?

Always adhere to current Government and HSE guidelines. The government has been very clear with their current advice - for detailed guidance on training during the Government Roadmap Phase, see the Return to Training Protocol for Clubs.

Triathlon Ireland is providing online sessions for you to take part in, as are many triathlon clubs around the country. You can also sign up for the Triathlon Ireland Zwift Time Trial League and Run and Ride for Pieta!

Stay home, training and triathlon will be around long after we beat Covid-19. Containing the spread of Covid-19 is the priority at the moment.

My club has cancelled sessions, can I still train unofficially with friends?

In Phase Two of the Government Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business, Triathlon Ireland members can train together outdoors in a group of 15 or less in ROI and 6 or less in NI, where social distancing of 2 metres minimum can be maintained between the group. See the Return to Training Protocol for Clubs.

Can I keep up my run training during the Covid-19 outbreak?

At the moment, it is ok to go for a run within your own county, or up to 20km from your home. Maintain social distancing at all times.

Is it ok to go cycling outside on my own?

As per Government guidelines, it is possible to exercise within your own county, or up to 20 kilometres of your home. However, please consider your impact on an already stretched health service if you have an accident on the road - please cycle with caution at all times. If you have a training session to do where significant effort is required, please continue using your turbo trainer for these workouts. See the Return to Training Protocol for Clubs.

Can I go sea swimming in a small group if everyone stays two metres apart?

Individuals can swim in a group of 15 or less in ROI, within your own county or 20 kilometres of home, if they comply with the guidelines here. Individuals can swim in a group of 6 or less in NI, if they comply with the guidelines here

If you are new to open water swimming, we don’t advise that you go open water swimming.

When will I be able to train with my Tri Club?

Triathlon Ireland in conjunction with the Government, Sport Ireland and Sport Northern Ireland, and with significant input from our clubs and coaches, has developed a guide for Triathlon Ireland affiliated clubs to return to training on a phased basis. Read the Return to Training Protocol for Clubs for further details on Phase Two.



Will there be a triathlon season in 2020?

We are working as hard as we can to ensure that we will have a 2020 triathlon season, just a bit later in the year. Many of the races that have been postponed are being rescheduled to late Summer and Autumn. We’ll be ready to go as soon as it is 100% safe to do so and in line with Government advice.

I have entered a race in the summer - how and when will I know if it's going ahead?

Triathlon Ireland are keeping all parties up to date with developments as they happen. If you keep an eye on triathlonireland.com and your event’s social media, we will let you know as soon as possible. At the moment all events up to and including 20th July 2020 will be postponed.

I have entered a race that has been cancelled/postponed - can I get a refund?

Each race has an individual refund policy. You can view this policy by selecting the '+' button to the right of the race listing on the Triathlon Ireland Race Calendar.

If your event has been postponed to a new date, and you entered your event on triathlonireland.com, please view the refund policy to see if a refund request will fall within this policy. If your refund request for a postponed event is covered by the refund policy, please email refund@triathlonireland.com. If you entered your event on the Triathlon Ireland website and your race has been cancelled, we will be processing refunds (if this is part of your event's refund policy), and notifying athletes once this process has been completed. We would appreciate your patience as they will take some time to process but we are working on this as quickly as we can. 

If you entered your race on an external site, please contact the race director for the event you have entered, they will be able to handle your query.


If your event has been postponed to a later date and you have purchased a One Day Licence, you do not need to purchase another. This ODL will be carried over to the postponed event.


Can a qualified Triathlon Ireland coach run club sessions over zoom/skype?

Yes, Triathlon Ireland insurance will cover qualified coaches to coach over Zoom/Skype. Coaches should observe the following and record sessions as usual.

  1. Attendance:  Zoom can take attendance  automatically once set up

  2. Screening: If the coach does not have access to relevant medical/injury information as usual ask anyone attending to submit in advance (to be stored confidentially with permission from the athlete or deleted post session).

  3. Indoor sessions
    Include the following advice for set up: 

  • Have a set space to workout in - clutter free
  • Appropriate clothing to be worn
  • Appropriate floor surface to be used etc.
  • Ask the group to check their own equipment.
  • For outdoor sessions: Ensure you advise your members to always comply with current Government Guidelines and refer to Return to Training Protocol for Clubs.

Last Updated: 12 June 2020